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Prebiotics and probiotics both accomplish important health tasks for the human gut. Trying to decide between a probiotic and prebiotic supplement regiment? Consider this prebiotics vs. probiotics facts:


  1. Prebiotics are the unique form of dietary fiber that acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut.
  2. Prebiotics Powder is not affected by heat, cold, acid or time.
  3. Prebiotics provide a broad range of health benefits to the otherwise healthy person. Most of these have been medically proven.
  4. Prebiotics nourish the good bacteria that everyone already has in their gut.
  5. Prebiotics may be helpful for several chronic digestive disorder or inflammatory bowel disease.


  1. Probiotics are live bacteria in yogurt, dairy products, and pills. There are hundreds of prebiotic species available. Which of the hundreds of available probiotics is best for the average healthy person is still unknown.
  2. Probiotics bacteria must be kept alive. They may be killed by heat, stomach acid or only die with time.
  3. Probiotics are still not clearly known to provide health benefits to the otherwise healthy. Some are suspected but still not proven.
  4. Probiotics must compete with the over 1000 bacteria species already in the gut.
  5. Certain probiotics species have been shown to be helpful for childhood diarrhea, irritable bowel disease, and recurrence of certain gut infections such as C. difficile.

We can take probiotics and prebiotics together. Prebiotics do not negatively interact with probiotics. Prebiotics do not interfere with medications, either. High-quality probiotics and prebiotics are safe when taken together.

In fact, when we think about how probiotics and prebiotics work, it makes sense to take them together. Simply put, prebiotics is “food” for probiotics. Probiotics digest prebiotics and use the molecules as energy. In some ways, probiotics and prebiotics act synergistically for gut health.

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